Strata Records Owner and Masters in Jeopardy

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Dear Friends, colleagues, supporters, and good people, I am writing to ask you to donate to a truly worthy cause that is very important to me. As many of you know, I recently started my own label that is gradually releasing the entire catalog of Strata Records, Inc., a jazz label, broadly speaking, founded in Detroit in the late 60s, and active through the 70s. Sadly, the owner of Strata (Barbara Cox) is in imminent danger of losing her home (and unreleased Strata master tapes, which she still owns, with it) if she doesn't doesn't come up with $6700 in real estate taxes by January 20th. I have released three Strata titles on my label so far. But the money I have been able to raise from the sales from the releases for Barbara is not sufficient to cover these expenses. Therefore, I am reaching out to all my friends, djs, musicians, record collectors, jazz heads, and supporters who I hope can help me to help a friend in need, and preserve important music and history at the same time. All money raised will go to Barbara Cox.


  • Once again I want to thank everyone that has contributed a donation to this truly worthy cause of helping to save the owner of Strata Records' home. So far we have collected $835and we appreciate every bit. However, we need to keep pushing because she only has until January 20 before she loses her home. Please everyone contribute what you can here:


  • I want to thank everyone that has contributed to this worthy cause. Barbara and I are full of gratitude. However, she still needs everyone's help! We are close to our goal of $6700 but please everyone dig deep to help save her home. No donation amount is too small or too big!

  • The initial goal of $6700 has been reached, and Barbara Cox is, for the time being, out of harm's way, which is a huge relief. However, I would like to use the remaining days of the campaign to raise additional money that can be placed in an emergency fund account for her, to prevent her from having to go through this ever again. Your continued giving and sharing is much appreciated. Barbara and I cannot express our gratitude enough. We have both been deeply moved by your generosity.

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