2013 End of year roundup.

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Best (or worst) of the year that was. What you got SoulStrut?

A year when RIP threads seemed to become the norm, we lost Nelson Mandela, Stan Tracey, Junior Murvin, James Gandolfini, Bobby Bland, George Duke, Elmore Leonard, Lou Reed and others. Whilst on a happier note we also had a few new additions to the strut family as several struters had kids of their own. Congratulations.

The strut has trundle on. We've lost a few good poasters but gained a few too, and seen the welcome return of a few old heads. I still don't know if Skel was made a mod or not, but the troll problem seems to have diminished somewhat. The BeatOff contests have been a highlight for sure, so props to The_Non and everybody who's entered a beat. And hopefully we'll get to hear what tops the 100 list before the years out also.

Props to you all for making this a chill and interesting enough place to keep be coming back anyways.

also Kanye.


  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    a few lp of the year contenders

    personal favourite

  • MondeyanoMondeyano Reykjavik 863 Posts
    Juke/footwork category:

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,917 Posts
    Artist of the year.

    Band of the year.

    Most irrationally hated-on.

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,033 Posts
    Omar album
    Duckworth Lewis album

    New GF (revisit from 1980) since Feb, still in situ
    Job I'm really enjoying
    Been a very good year; vintage, you might say.

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    skel said:
    Been a very good year; vintage, you might say.
    Good to hear man.

  • mrmatthewmrmatthew 1,575 Posts
    According to my ITunes account, these got the most play from me this year:

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,033 Posts
    Okem said:
    skel said:
    Been a very good year; vintage, you might say.
    Good to hear man.

    TY m**c

    2014 is the year we get to meet in a BritStrut massive stylee

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    this whole rob ford story has reached a whole other level: http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/features/2013/12/11/conrad-black-defends-his-interview-with-toronto-mayor-rob-ford/ (meanwhile, whatever consequences rob ford will have to face are already strongly poised for my best of 2014 list.)

    the oneohtrix point never album is pretty singular. i don't love all of it, but it's hard to argue that it's not amazing. way more interesting to me than the actress. (although i do love some actress.)

    also liked the disclosure, the earl sweatpants, jesse lanza, parts of the mount kimbie album and bunch of stuff from the rap thraed.

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,103 Posts
    and that ^ made me discover this from a few years back:

    and this off his 2013 album:

  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts

  • To me Omar had the Album and Song of the year. Personally a wild / phenomenal year - turned 30, finally released a full original album, found the illest woman out, good things!

    I hadn't listened to King Krule yet - that voice is not what I expected to come out of that kid!

  • To me Omar had the Album and Song of the year. Personally a wild / phenomenal year - turned 30, finally released a full original album, found the illest woman out, good things!

    I hadn't listened to King Krule yet - that voice is not what I expected to come out of that kid!

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,103 Posts
    amphibious said:

    I hadn't listened to King Krule yet - that voice is not what I expected to come out of that kid!

    Didn't love the whole album but there are several moments on there... and given how young he is, I will definitely be keeping an eye out.

  • Yeah, I really, really, enjoyed the Krule album. Easy is a really good song and his performance of it on Letterman was extra great.
    The disclosure album was really great, might be the most consistent album this year.

    Your album is awesome too Bosq

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    I was worried this was a Mad Skillz thread, which stopped being a fun song thing after 2 of them.

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    GTAv was definitely a highlight of the year as far as games go. Although it was pretty much the only game I bought all year anyway. But they really got it right this time, easily one of the best games I've ever player. Although the music selection was a little disappointing, too many real world Dj cameos and not enough risk taking with the playlist, so you didn't get a slightly leftfield station like the classical or computer journey ones. Something like a weird folk / new age hippie channel would've worked in that setting.

    What's the giant lizard vs robot dude about?

  • Okem said:
    What's the giant lizard vs robot dude about?

    Pacific Rim film

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Still putting my best of list together, so I'll get the worst out of the way.

    Only one thing comes to mind, which is that the Migos was pretty much unlistenable from beginning to end.

    Not terrible but disappointing was Lil Herb and Lil Bibby's 'Heir Apparent' - great production but the lyrics were so fucking annoying...and you know I have a really high tolerance for meaningless blah blah blah.

    Can knock off best five tracks of the year now, too, actually.

    Pusha T - Numbers on the Board

    Pusha T/Kendrick Lamar - Nosetalgia

    Gunplay - Bible on the Dash

    ASAP Ferg - Didn't Want To Do That

    Gucci Mane had a good grip of tracks off different tapes this year, I can't really pick one so I'm going to cheat and list them all under my fifth. You can report me to the Top Lists Committee as you see fit.
    Traphouse 3
    Hell Yes
    Use Me
    It's Not a day
    That Pack

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    empanadamn said:
    Okem said:
    What's the giant lizard vs robot dude about?

    Pacific Rim film
    Any good?

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,787 Posts
    Okem said:
    empanadamn said:
    Okem said:
    What's the giant lizard vs robot dude about?

    Pacific Rim film
    Any good?

    Special FX are great, but the lines are so bad it's hard to believe they weren't corpsing all the time. You will want the 2 hours of your life back.

  • toby.dtoby.d 254 Posts
    It's garbage. It got to the point where everyone in the cinema I was at was laughing for the corny lines.

    Not the worst film of the year though. That goes to Oblivion.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,787 Posts
    Favourite LP for me

    and some bloke called Delay or something did an LP called Morgan that I like a lot.

    Omar S - Don't Let Dis Be HapNin
    A.dd+ - Audio Daydream (vintage Outkast vibes for me)
    Deadboy - Geek'd Up
    Darondo - I don't want to leave (Tall Black Guy edit)
    Bonobo - Cirrus (plus a few other decent tracks from his LP)
    Gnork - both his singles on Blind Jack
    the second Banduro 12" (Vakula alias)
    Midland - Checkbob (automynous africa)
    Frank Booker edits
    the Batsumi re-ish
    Stephen Encinas re-ish

    It's been an interesting year for me. Been signed-off work with stress for 3 months, have a massive upheaval ahead of me that will require a lot of work, but hope to be out of the Shite House and living in Barcelona early 2014.

  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    My kid loved Pacific Rim. Reminds me when I was a kid and loved Godzilla and Japanese monster movies. As people have already pointed out for an adult it was a joke because the script was so bad. Too many corny speeches to even go into.

  • Bunji Garlin's "Differentology" was probably the biggest Caribbean track of the year ?????well deservedly ??? but here were some of my personal mind-garden favorites from 2013:

    Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble (probably listened to this track more than any other)
    Kes the Band - Tuesday on the Rocks
    Shaggy ft Cocoa Tea & Joe - Like Never Before
    Stylo G - Soundbwoy
    Sizzla ft Vida Sunshyne - The Formula
    Rikki Jai ft. Ravi B & Allison Hinds - Ent Yuh Know Remix
    Konshens & Romain Virgo - We No Worry Bout Them
    Charly Black & J Capri - Whine & Kotch
    Machel Montano - Float

    these were the 2 best things to come out of new orleans this year:

    i know some of y'all on here know brice -- this came out on his label!

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    2013 was a year of ups and downs for me and my family. On the downside, I lost my older (and only) brother at 47 years old to cancer. This was a terrible blow as he was one of my best friends in the world and a great source of support, advice, and good cheer. Despite this huge setback, it was a great year as I made great accomplishments professionally (e.g., I was named a Fellow of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology due to noteworthy research on workplace diversity) and improved my personal well-being (e.g., lost a gang of weight by working out and getting in shape). The 'Strut has been a great source of camaraderie and support during this year, and the site remains an everyday joy of my life. I picked up a wide assortment of wonderful music to enjoy this year on my various travel stops (e.g., Seattle, Portland, Dallas, NYC, etc.). I am truly blessed to have high subjective well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am hopeful that each and every one of you have had peace and prosperity this year and continue to do so in the upcoming year.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,787 Posts
    Giles Peterson track of the year list (with sound) here http://www.gillespetersonworldwide.com/21053/

  • Singles of the year are Rollin' and Now by Dj Rashad and Paramore imo. Also On doing an evil deed blues by Lil Ugly Mane, I Want You by Just Kiddin, Don't you know by T??ches, Superlove by Charli XCX, White Noise by Disclosure and Pata Pata by Temi Dollface.
    Albums go to Karol Conka, Chance the Rapper, Lonnie Ronney, Glenn Jones, Theo Parrish, Mammane Sani Abdullaye and Ku.
    Archival: Dieuf-Dieul de Thi??s
    quite a lot of honorable mentions: The drones, La femme, Valerie june, Omar, Paavo, The uncluded notably.
    Cool year.

  • It was a good yr here. Kids are getting older and easier to handle, though we did get a dog in Aug, but she's the shit. Life is full up but that's good, The strut is always a great sideshow attraction that sometimes delivers big for me music wise. Delay's and Day's efforts I probably wouldn't have heard except for the strut, and for that alone I am grateful. Some of you heads are doing great things with music, things that I gave up trying to accomplish ages ago. I got on the radio a few times on Friday night this yr to drop some tunes, which was ill, but that was it for sharing. I plan on making some mixes this yr now that I have a setup again. I'd do a record day this coming yr anytime, I always like to hear what you guys are playing.
    Keep struttin y'all and hope you're takin some time off for the holidays.

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts

    and Pacific Rim is next level visually. We finally get giant robots after all this time.
    Going into a Godzilla-esque/Giant Robot film expecting Solaris is silly.
    Theyve tried to make a "Real Sci-Fi" Godzilla film and that shit always fails.
    Keep the shit movin' and give us the action.

    Im hopin for 2014 to get closer to embracing the 90's and shed the 80's Boogie, FauxHawks, and the Goldbergs.
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