World Cup 2014 Brazil

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Who's hyped for this?


  • Stadium collapsing, ref beheaded, player stabbed, fans beaten into a coma - what's not to like?

    I mean, I love Brasil and all, but I don't have a good feeling about this.

  • Horseleech said:
    Stadium collapsing, ref beheaded, player stabbed, fans beaten into a coma - what's not to like?

    I mean, I love Brasil and all, but I don't have a good feeling about this.

    What??? News links please.

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,899 Posts
    I've been to Brazil a few times and I was in Rio back in May.

    While Brazil is an amazing place and they have passion for the game on a whole other level. All I can say is infrastructure wise it's lacking to say the least. That's great all the money they are putting towards stadiums and stuff. But there are some serious issues with transportation, traffic, health care, etc, etc, etc.

    If the past year is any indication, the powers that be really need to start recognizing that the poor in that country are at a tipping point and someone better start to do something to make some serious changes.

    But then, I'm not a Brazilian and I'm just giving an outsiders view of things. I'm sure the Brazilian strutters can speak on this much better.

    That all said. I love football. The world cup. England. And being there would be amazing on a football spiritual level.

    But I have a feeling things will not run smoothly.

    Vindaloo Nah Nah!

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,517 Posts
    Horseleech said:
    Stadium collapsing, ref beheaded, player stabbed, fans beaten into a coma - what's not to like?

    I mean, I love Brasil and all, but I don't have a good feeling about this.

  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Super pumped for the World Cup. Always am.

    Sick days will be taken and wife will be neglected.

    PORTUGAL!!! (even though their chances are slim)

    I see them finishing 2nd in their pool, then facing Belgium in the knockout phase. They have a decent chance of winning there, and then they're toast.

  • discos_almadiscos_alma discos_alma 2,164 Posts
    willie_fugal said:

    Well, it was obviously not rigged by us Americans! :talib:


    What DOR said. I had the opportunity to go to Brazil for this event and stay for free at a friend's house but declined. The country will be gridlocked for a month straight and prices will be absurd. Many of our Brazilian friends are conveniently taking vacations to visit us in California while this goes down. However, I'm excited about the sport as I am at every World Cup!

  • LokoOneLokoOne 1,823 Posts
    I'm really saving my excitement for Qatar :ehhx2:

    Stadium collapses...perhaps. Tourists getting mugged... likely. Transport issues... possibly. But I do predict riots in the streets and the govt being overthrown when Argentina beats Brazil in the finals :game_over:

    Seriously this is Messi's world cup to lose....

  • mickalphabetmickalphabet deep inna majestic segue 374 Posts
    Even though we didn't qualify i think i might head over for it, the missus is back in SP for the now and in fairness, its the World Cup, in Brazil, what could possibly go wrong that wouldn't make a great story in years to come


    Predictions wise my money is on ze Germans

  • JimsterJimster 6,889 Posts
    I have alluded, in a more localised thread, that the hosts will backhand FIFA to ensure smooth progress to the finals.

    Corruption? In Brasil?

    :balla: :oh_my:

    Also, yes, never bet against ze Jormins. Klaus und dem always come correct for tournament football.

  • The Raise UpThe Raise Up Golden Years... wah wah wah 452 Posts
    Already hyped, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Holland crash and burn once more. Players and so called experts over here already talmbout a lucky draw with Chile as opponents. I'm sure the Brits can shed some light on how much that's not the case after their last game against them. Just the thought of Ron Vlaar up against Vidal and Alexis Sanchez...

    If somehow we do manage to advance past the group stages, a game against Brazil is on the cards in the 2nd round. :walk_away_son:

    On the plus side, Van Gaal is completely insane, especially when put under pressure, so that should make for some entertaining tv.

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,235 Posts
    Of course some things will be a mess (mainly transportation) and tourists will get gouged, but none of that will show up on TV. The games will be good and I think people will have a good time. Personally, I'm not looking forward to the grotesque outpourings of nationalism that will happen here - I find it creepy anywhere, but especially in a country that had a military dictatorship not too long ago that relied on that kind of sentiment to stay in power.

    I also feel like this is our last chance to enjoy a World Cup. Brazil has its problems, but not quite as bad as Russia and Qatar. Plus I don't think FIFA can keep on with their farce until 2018, much less 2022.

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,033 Posts
    Horseleech said:

    Guess what?
    The worlds most popular sport isn't, some sugar coated, Pepsi-drenched Disneyfied sanitised mess but features everything that's both glorious and hideous within the human condition. Just like real life.

    As for Teh US, Ghana's power and promise seems to have evaporated over the years and meriman can/should get a result. Germany, of course, likely to be damage limitation.
    Portugal is the crunch. One trick pony, ripe for the taking.
    It's definitely doable.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,453 Posts
    I watched the draw show, it was awesome. Felt like Eurovision or a Japanese game show with the crazed colors and the ex-players and the boobies and the Olympic Ceremony-style WTF dances and the way the dude dipped his hands behind out of the camera's eye. Loved it all. And then to find out USAmans will fight Germany with their Hollywood Ger-Man coach in the jungle. After fighting Ronaldo and dudes who have beat them in the past two World Cups.
    So perfect! Months and months of h.y.p.e. to look forward to.

    I don't know too much about the sport, other than Beasley is old and lucky to be on the team. And I'm kicking him off immediately after his draw day interview where he was already sucking Germany's schlangz like USA Americans were before their fight with Germany a few WC's ago: talmlike "oh my god they are soooooooo good!" Dude: don't say that shit out loud! Comeonbro.

    I love it!

  • discos_almadiscos_alma discos_alma 2,164 Posts
    Colombian artists are two for two with the last couple official WC songs. X-Factor dude, though? CRINGE
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