• for some reason, i had assumed he had past long ago, glad to hear he made it to a ripe old age. the man was at the vanguard of modern jazz for ages and he had a really amiable persona, great ambassador for the music. even his fusion records on blue note and stax are interesting...

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    Jazz On A Hot Summer's Day. Great docu.
    There is a scene of the Chico Hamilton group rehearsing in an attic. Couldn't find it. But here is there formal on stage performance.

    Lots of good stuff in many different settings in his catalog. There is a record or 2 with the Mothers/Little Feat.

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    crabmongerfunk said:
    for some reason, i had assumed he had past long ago.

  • Rest in peace.

    my dad actually introduced me to Chico Hamilton with this song:

  • enjoy most everything i have heard by him, especially the impulse releases with gabor szabo, when i got man from two worlds i listened to it constantly, and since then haven't hesitated to grab anything that has their names on it, gonna have to pull a few out tonight for a listen

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    This is a huge bummer.
    Dude was a major, major favorite of mine.
    Easy top 5 artist of all time for me.

    He spanned so many different eras in jazz and I loved them all.

    His chamber stuff with Fred Katz
    That stuff with Dolphy.
    All of his Impulse stuff.
    The fusion Elektra stuff.
    He even had a few really great releases in the past decade or so on Joyous Shout records.

    RIP to a true legend

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