super latte pass - Jai Paul full length

bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
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From back in April - unofficial full length


  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,786 Posts
    I've only heard a couple of tracks.

    I wish there was more musical experimentation by artist like this on a whole. While I don't think the average North American listener could get into this (More so UK/European deal). Tho, I bet if it came from JT people would give it a chance.

    Only other thing of note. Chelsea fan... Too bad.

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,354 Posts
    was the summer soundtrack. wife loves it (and him).

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    I was really anticipating this album... and was severely let down. I just felt like he'd come with something a little more cohesive. It feels like a beat tape with no real direction IMO. Maybe I'm missing what he's going for here, and I say this as someone who was a big fan of his first and second release.

  • magpaulmagpaul 1,314 Posts
    Co-sign that it sounds too demo-ish. Will check for the official release though.

    The only track that's close to being on par with the singles is the cover of this on Track 7

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