Small-run CD pressing: Who does it well?

DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
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I haven't gotten a CD manufactured in a good 5 years or so, so I'm kind of clueless about this now, but I'm looking to get 500 CDs pressed up, and I have no idea who's got a good deal going these days for that. Ideally, we'd be able to do Digipacks or 4-color slimline cases. Does the 'Strut braintrust have any recommendations?


  • HorseleechHorseleech 3,830 Posts
    Disc Makers?

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts

    fast,cheap, and I have never had a problem with them.

  • BeatsoupBeatsoup 511 Posts
    I went with CD baby manufacturing, it turned out well and it was a better deal than local companies had even with the shipping. They do really low runs if needed. Also I choose them to distribute my stuff digitally which was really easy, no headaches one time fee 50$.
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