The Pizza Belt (pizza-r)

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behold the latest in pizza theory:

I would agree with this analysis. DC has a few good pizza joints but overall it's lacking. My personal experience says Connecticut has a surprisingly high number of good pizza slices, which make for confident roadside stops when driving across that state. LA has the shittiest pizza but that goes without saying, plus the tacos more than make up for it. Chicago stretches the definition of pizza to "any dough with shit on top."

what say you well-traveled strutters with your tomato sauce-stained shirts and grease-wiped pants?


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    saw this earlier, and pretty much agree.

    although there are phenomenal pizza joints here & there in the south, the author's point still stands: the average possibility of going into a random pizza place and getting a really good slice is WAY lower than in the new england, especially NY & RI in my experience...

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    agreed, but i think that it underestimates the pizza belt transplants that have moved down south below DC. gotten some surprisingly excellent pizza in VA, NC made by doods who moved down from NYC.

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    Neither is San Francisco [in the Pizza Belt], for Christ's sake.


    I grew up in pizza heaven--land of Pepe's and Sally's and such--and can't help but laugh when fools start talking that yang about how SF is a real pizza spot. Biiiiiiiitch, please!
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