Looking to trade rare acapellas

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Supreme was right, trading acapellas now is the new trading of rare records from back in the day.Lol
I'm looking to do some trading of rare acapellas in mp3/wav.
I have a massive collection accumulated over the years of every genre you can name that I've recorded from my vinyl collection,grabbed on remix forums,newsgroups,music industry connects etc and for the last 5 years I've been making
near studio quality diy acapellas from cd singles. I don't keep anything that is not usable quality. Too many crappy over filtered diy versions out there.
If there is an 80's/90's hip hop tune that was on a cd single with an instr I've probably attempted a diy pella from it. Feel free to pm your want lists. You'd be surprised by what I have stashed on my drives.

I don't have a very big want list, but these are some studio ones that are out there that I would definitely trade something rare from my pella archive for.
No covers.

1.Playboy W feat Snoop and Mac Dre-Executives -2004 small Bay area label promo 12" (I also want the vinyl if for sale)
2.Chic-Good Times verse pellas-found a link for some multis but it was long dead. Also saw Le Freak in same post.
3.Slave-Just a touch/Watching you
4)Eric B & Rakim-Eric B is President. Might have to email Ra on this one.
5)Naughty by Nature-Uptown Anthem- heard in a Mell Star video on Youtube, made a decent diy but studio would be nicer to have.
6)Digital Underground-Freaks of the Industry- can't remember where I heard it but it was studio.
7)Nu Shooz-I can't wait
8)Young MC-Know How


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    Here's an 8 minute snippet medley of some of the diy acapellas I've made of hip hop classics over the years.
    Feel free to pm me if you're interested in trading.


  • Is this a wind up?

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    Wind up?

    All I know is I'm 42 have been spinning and remixing since the early 90's and have a TON of rare acapellas
    studio and diy that I don't mind trading with people that actually will appreciate them and use them for non profit purposes. The only reason I
    have not unleashed these publicly in the past is that I do not want them to be sold illegally. I'll be blunt, I don't support sites like Crooklyn Clan/Crack4djs etc who in my opinion are dishonest selling music they do own the rights to, but everybody has to make a living in this shit economy so to each his own. It's just not for me. I was threatened with a 25k lawsuit by the RIAA several years ago and am not going down that road again.
    I have nothing but respect for these artists who often spent fortunes making the original tracks. Every remix I make is free and for all to enjoy
    and just maybe put someone onto some music they may not know and could appreciate.
    Feel free to hit me up if you'd like to do some friendly trading or have a diy request. I don't necessarily need the instrumental but it definitely improves the odds.

    pm me for my contact email.

    What's good Topcat!

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    TECUMSEH said:
    What's good Topcat!

    Not much man doing my thing, how have you been?
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