"The Rising Cost of New Vinyl"



  • DocMcCoy said:
    Just in case anyone thought (hoped?) 2014 would finally see an end to articles like this...

    i like the articles that say 'vinyl on the rise' and a related article saying 'vinyl is dying'. reminds me of here.

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,517 Posts
    BallzDeep said:
    Horseleech said:
    tokyobeats said:
    good article, Doc

    Sorry, but that article sucks seven ways to Sunday.

    Obviously, I'm biased, but his logic is shite, as they say.

    how so? just curious.

    I liked the article, but agree that his logic is weak.

    Most of the article is opinion. In the end he admits that he just likes CDs better because he does.
    He points out that this argument goes on for days at Steve Hoffman forum.
    But then quotes 2 or 3 people who think CDs are superior and pretends that is proof.

    He says a few things that are true, like new vinyl of new music is often not better than CD.
    And then says things that are just false. Such as jazz and classical collectors have abandoned vinyl for CDs.

  • Depressing. I missed out on the Day release and desperately wanted to get in on it. I understand why there wont be a re-press at least.
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