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I can't stand Mad Kanye when he's not rapping, but I LOVE Mad Kanye when he is.

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    Whoops. Double post.

    Yea, this was pretty good.

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    He really killed it. I missed half of the second song, doing dishes, youtube will help me, but it was pretty nice.

    Besides his issues w/ paparazzi, I can relate to mad Kanye, too. He's just speaking his mind and people get bent all out of shape. Like they can't handle one man's opinion.

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    I just realized that's a "Beautiful People" sample. My favorite Marilyn Manson song.

  • "not for sale"? - nigga please

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    youknowyouknow said:
    "not for sale"?

    uhh, isn't he promoting his new new album that will soon be "for sale"?


  • Yeah, this song is wild. I'm really looking forward to this new album.
    BTW, here is a working link:
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