Don't you kinda wish you knew what Gatortoof's day is like?

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This dude is unique. Ive been here only a couple weeks but dude is....i dont know

i like him though


  • HorseleechHorseleech 3,830 Posts
    That's nice.

    It's important to feel good about yourself.

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    I imagine he sits at the computer all day. Thinks up food based names for himself.

  • leonleon 883 Posts
    Thymebomb13 said:
    LaserWolf said:
    Thinks up food based names for himself.

    Does wolf taste like chicken?

    Wolf with thyme is the bomb.

  • GatorToofGatorToof 582 Posts
    Crazier than crazy, but fun.

    As if being left alone is illegal.

  • vintageinfantsvintageinfants 4,536 Posts
    hopefully that helps
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