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Can't recall where the sample in the beginning came from... 'What goes around, comes back around again.'


  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    What up JB!!!!!!!!

    Here you go......

    Grand Puba joint is on that Banks clip.....

    The original is at 2:33

  • rain103rain103 476 Posts
    Appreciate it, ChanDogg!!

  • You know Lloyd Banks was an avid listener of the Stretch & Bobbito show back in the day...when he was just like 11 years old or something.

  • rain103rain103 476 Posts
    Didn't know that.. I first heard Banks through the DJ Green Lantern's 'Invasion' mixtapes I would get from New York, back around the time Murder Inc and Shady Aftermath were in full hate mode toward one another. I was definitely a fan of GL's style of mixtapes and production back then.
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