Been on a two week crystal light binge

vintageinfantsvintageinfants 4,535 Posts
edited March 2013 in Strut Central
jesus christ. this shit is the most delicious shit ever.

turns ordinary water into delicious, low sugar juice.

gonna stock up on mothers day


  • SIRUSSIRUS 2,554 Posts
    be careful. could turn you into either nice or smooth, if u catch my drift...

  • well, i DO need something to stir those crystals.....

  • volumenvolumen 2,529 Posts
    I see you're selection is a little sparse. Let me know if you need a pink lemonade hook up. Not that weak raspberry, I'm talking pure pink ice.

  • sugar.



  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    Ive been on a 2 hour Method Man Binge......

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