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whats the story here.


  • Not Hendrix.

    It's Lonnie Youngblood w/Herman Hitson on guitar. This has been pedaled as Hendrix for years

  • heard both stories but no confirmation from anyone involved.

  • These recordings, sold and licensed for years by Audiofidelity as Hendrix related, were the subject of a successful lawsuit by Lonnie Youngblood precisely because Hendrix is not on them:


    This is a pretty good tune, but it doesn't sound like his playing at all.

  • right. successful lawsuits. hail up lonnie youngblood

    * you changed the link. i think that lawsuit has zero to do with this particular song. theres another 'good times' on the lonnie youngblood 'so called hendrix' sessions. this isnt it. its from rare hendrix vol.4
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