rest in peace terry callier

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rest in peace terry callier. i once met him briefly some years ago. such a great, humble guy and extra ordinary musician...


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    What source do you have? I can't find any thing about this. All my deepest respects to the man and his family. Dancing girl alone makes this man's spirit immortal.

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    Wikipedia's been updated "He was found dead by Luther Adams at his home on October 28, 2012."


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    So sad to hear about this. RIP.

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    Damn RIP

  • RIP

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    RIP Terry Callier. He seemed to seep into my musical mindgarden slowly over the years as I found his stuff digging. But once there, he has owned a small section of my brain closely connected to the core of my emotional and spiritual awareness. Deep and fragile: I love his music.

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    Oh man.
    This is really sad news.
    A great artist who really touched so many people with his music.
    Rest in peace.

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    wow RIP
    the definition of what an artist should strive to be

  • really sad news.

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    I was very satisfied when I heard that BBC Radio 4, the Politics and Current Affairs only station, mentioned Terry Callier's passing in their news bulletin today and even added a short editorial comment with three musical samples. Good to know that people with musical appreciation have woven themselves deep into the establishment these days.
    It was news to me that Terry got fired by the University of Chicago upon them finding out about his musical rennaissance in the 90s. Is this true?

    PS: Checking on what I might need to fill any Terry Callier CD collection-gaps, I was immediately confronted with this Listmania on Amazon UK
    I can not believe that there are no better Lists featuring Callier around.

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    The thing of his that I return to most is the aforementioned and eternal ???Dancing Girl,??? that slowly turning, hungry little cosmos defined so thoroughly by Terry???s vocal: On the one hand he???s cooing all bassy and godlike about planets and stars and space and time, and on the other he kicks that earthy little ghost-laugh right before chuckling, ???Well, welcome to The Twilight Zone?????? ; one minute he???s fraying his voice on dark miniatures of hard-knock life, and the next he???s dappling a scat solo that maps the galaxy. I???ve been listening to that song for many years now, and every time it???s just as new and just as inescapable

    I always hear Terry???s voice described as ???fragile,??? but I don???t think of it as fragile so much as fine???detailed, sensitive, capable of nearly infinite extension. He always had this core of sympathy, this graceful solidity. Even up against a beautifully vengeful polymath like Charles Stepney or crushingly cool goth-soulies like Massive Attack, he never seemed outclassed, never seemed outgunned. He never failed to project an assured, down-to-earth humanity and brotherhood, despite clearly possessing a talent that was absolutely undemocratic.

    The other thing I listen to a lot is his 1979 version of ???Ordinary Joe,??? because it???s so good to hear him sounding so happy.

    Rest in peace.

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    Even being in Chicago, I've sadly only dug up one clean record of Terry's and, while it's certainly no What Color Is Love, I've always really liked his style on the cover -- something so real about a really nice coat and scarf being paired with some shoes that looked lived in many times over. Who among us hasn't had our suede boots scuffed up?

    My two big jams on the album come one after another -- "African Violet" and the almost too saccharine "Love Two Love" both speak to their time of the late-1970s with their smooth dancability but still are very much Terry Callier's own.
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