The UK Soul Thread (As requested)

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In a 80s, early 90s Sound System fashion.

52nd Street - Can't Afford ft Diane Charlemagne

Peter Hunningale - Untamed Love

Thomas Esterine - Spend A Little Time

Smith & Mighty ft Calton

Massive Attack - Any Love

THE CHIMES - heaven (12" Mix)

Julianne - Keep It Comin

Maxeen - Better Love (Mix 2)

Debbie Gordon - Tonight Is The Night (Mix 2)

Paul D.C. Ft. Sharon Brooks - Unofficial Business

History Ft. Q-Tee - Afrika (Love & Laughter Mix)

Leta Davis - You'll Never Get To Heaven (Jamaican Mix)

Neneh Cherry - Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix)

Rainbow - Slow & Easy (Mix 2)

& some Lovers. because.

Carolyn Thompson

LA FAMILLE ft. Caron Wheeler "All Night Long"

Sandra Reid - Don't Tell Me Tell Her

Louisa Marks - Caught You In A Lie (sounding like a young MJ)


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    Just want to add. We've had some good threads in the past that included some good UK Soul.

    How is the live Soul scene in the UK right now?

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,917 Posts
    Diane Charlemagne's fucking ace. She's about seven foot tall and she's got a speaking voice like Babs from Babs' Cabs (Royston Vasey-r).

    Speaking of top Manc lasses, this is what Denise Johnson was up to before she joined Primal Scream

    The Rosaline Joyce album was big BITD.


    I've posted these Paul Johnson joints before. The best mix of Sayin' Somethin' doesn't seem to be on YT

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,917 Posts
    Manc classic. I still bump this on the regular. There's a good Mark Kamins mix that's a bit housier.

  • francois parkerfrancois parker formerly know as Parkz. 125 Posts
    Whilst they get props from most quarters neither Paris or Omar have ever really grabbed me, but on this track shit they got it right:

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