Going back to my hometown

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After 17 years i'm moving back to my hometown (pop. fuck all) to set up a studio and work on a few projects away from the city and all the distractions that go with it, so was thinking of approaching one of the three bars in the area to see if they want to get us down to DJ so i can get my regular fix of Controlling What Everyone In The Room Is Listening Too. I'm guessing its gonna be a wild success, welcomed back with open arms, old still looking young school hotties leaning over decks requesting mad raers and the rugby jocks high fiving me for every studio one killer and begging forgiveness for callin me woodstocker way back when... this is how its gonna be right??

Anyone else tried this or currently rocking their local hometown spot? Advice and/ord cool stories please


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    A promoter asked me if I knew any DJs as he was starting a night and wanted a few locals for openers. I got two mates in and the Big Name DJ went through their records and told them what they couldn't play beforehand.

    And then when the doors opened, there were twelve (12) paying customers. I think the night was canned after 2 weeks.

    And later I saw the promoter describing the nights as "Legendary".

    Well, I was there so... Y'know... There was that.
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