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Im gonna be hitting the East Coast (Washington, Philly, New York and Boston) of the US next week for 2 weeks on my honeymoon and i think i have permission from my better half to do a bit of digging.

I obviously can't buy much otherwise ill have to post it home but would like to buy some bits for my collection. I hear most people talking about soul / funk / hip hop on the forum but are there places in each city to pick up any late 80's or early 90's house or techno 12"s? If so could anyone recomend some places to check?

Also is it worth bringing over any UK niceties to trade in at shops?


  • I was just in NYC and didn't check for what you are after, however one option there is hitting Academy, A1, Big City and Good Records (all in the East Village) in one go. I would consider taking trades as well - there are funny old variations in availability & value out there ... CO-OP 87 in Greenpoint could also be worth a visit ... lots of the other shops are kinda shit so be careful with your choices!

  • definitely go to A1 for the stuff you are looking for, and bring trades, as they need all the help they can get
    also the thing in greenpoint might be worth a go for 12s, everything is cheap and it's a novel experience i suppose

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    Cheers guys. Not exclusively looking for those genres but thought they might fill the dollar bins more than the soul and funk stuff. Suppose it might be weight effective if i try and pick up a load of cheap 7"'s too.

  • In DC, check out Joe's Record Paradise for a good selection of used house. It is actually in Silver Spring, MD which borders DC.

    For other genres, check out Som Records at 14th & T Streets, NW.

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    Bring, or ask stores for, mailers.
    Records get heavy real fast and mailing makes life much easier.

    Congrats on the wedding.
    Ain't love grand?
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