Buenos Aires Record spots?

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I'm off on a music tour to Buenos Aires & surrounds next month. Heaps of touristy stuff is also planned but was wondering if anyone knows of some record stores which aren't too far off the beaten track?


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    On my trip to South America last year I spent a month there. On Sundays in the park early they have boot sales in Parque Centenario & Parque Rivadavia. Those might be a little out of your way as they took me about half an hour to get to from Palermo. They have the heat though at the best prices.

    The Subways in the city are fast and clean and safe. Definitely hop on one and head to Callao y Corrientes.

    That should lead you to a really good CD store called ZIVALS. No Records there, but if you travel down that street in the direction of Pizza Guerrin (Uruguay y Corrientes). There's a bunch of bookstores that have records, Also.. I can't remember the name of the street I think it is Rodriguez Pena (forgive my memory) but in walking distance theres like 3 nice record stores in there. If you get lost you're at one of the best Pizza places in the City - Pizzaria Guerrin.(Av. Corrientes 1368 (between Uruguay & Talcahuano). (I'm missing that Pizza as I think about it right now.)

    There's one store in particular there in that neighborhood ran by a girl named Lucy that was the best spot I went to. I can't remember the name of. I have the business card here somewhere. I believe it was on Rodriguez Pena. They had a ton of soul records, and really great rock records. There was about 4 or 5 record stores total in that neighborhood, but her store was the best one. She had pictures of Hendrix everywhere. I have pictures, but my old hard drive kinda took a shit.

    Don't waste your time looking for records underground around the Obelisk.. I wasted maybe 2 days trying to come up and got lost every single time. However my friend Mateo told me there is another good record store in San Telmo near Boca. Also.. don't waste your time at the Record stores in Palermo. They're mostly hipster spots that are overpriced.

    Mateo is the drummer from the band Morbo y Mambo. He's a beat head who speaks english he might be able to give you more advice. I can send you his Facebook. You should also check out his band. Good shit!

    Here's one of those record spot sites for Buenos Aires. (who knows how up to date it is). Where to buy records from Buenos Aires.

    Hope that helps you,

    - Diego

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    Ive been in BsAs for the past 3 weeks or so (staying one more week) & the link above covers all of the main shops. I think theres a few after shutting down but its a great starting point. If youre limited on time (& long on cash...rock nacional prices are nuts...) Id advise just go to Galeria Optica on 1260 Corrientes. Theres 3-4 stores in there. Then maybe take a walk to Rodriguz Pena (10 minutes or so).

    If you find yourself in San Telmo, theres a few stalls in the galerias on Defensa between Belgrano & San Juan that arent listed. Ive picked up some ok stuff there. Better priced than a lot of the stores on Corrientes & Rodriguez Pena.

    The store in San Telmo is probably Eureka. Not bad.

    They had their annual record fair here today & yesterday. You didnt miss much! 95% imports of common US titles for $20 a pop.

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    Oh yeah, the subway is for yuppies. Get on the local buses, its half the price & you can get to just about anywhere in the city (the subway coverage is not half as good). This website is so useful:


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    I found a decent amount of things at this place:

    it's in:

    Galeria del Optico (this is the same spot jmjmjmjm mentioned)
    Between Corrientes & Talcahuano

    It???s almost like a flea market for Eye Doctors, so don???t be fooled!!! There???s a few record stores there, but the guy speaks English fairly well in this one. All sales in US Dollars if you don???t speak spanish!!

    On the dealer tip, this guy was the nicest:

    he's used to DJ in NY and he was the most chilled regarding prices and he's got a partner in Marta Del Playa who he can link you with if you're heading that way.

    this guy had crazy amounts of records in his crib:

    he was the priciest cat, so you may want to check him last if you're looking for something specific.

    I'm pretty sure I can find these guys info if you want to try & link with them - just PM me. I'll trade the info for a copy of the Daphne & Cloe Lover Cha-Cha 45!!!

    on the tourist tip - go to:

    Ricoletta Cemetary. It's crazy.
    Eat at La Carberra
    Eat at a chef's house - Casa Saltshaker was off the hook!
    Take a day trip to Colonia Uruguay - it's a nice counterpart to BA


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    Hey guys bumping this thread.  It’s a bit of a shot in the dark but looking for records in Argentina, but in Mendoza.  I will be there beginning of April.  Any leads would be appreciated.

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    Dope, I haven't been out there in a few years, but I'll def be back there this year. 

    - Diego
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