Another big-ass 50s and 60s (with a couple new things) RnB mix

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will post tracklist later, im lazy and just ate a bunch of I will type more later. enjoy


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  • Thanks man. Always can count on being hipped to some great stuff from your mixes!

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    thanks doods...

    fish is no longer holding me back...

    Little Mack "Tell Her to Come On Home" (El Saturn)
    "5" Royales "It Hurts Inside" (King)
    Nick Waterhouse "I Can Only Give You Everything"(IL)
    The Coasters "Besame Mucho pt. 2" (Atco)
    Gizzelle "Seven Day Fool" (Wild)
    Miss Lavell "Tide of Love" (Duke)
    Anna King & Bobby Byrd "Baby Baby Baby" (Smash)
    David Rockingham Trio "Soulful Chant" (Josie)
    Aretha Franklin "Rough Lover" (Columbia)
    Bobby Bland "Don't Cry No More" (Duke)
    Margie Hendrix "Packin' Up" (Mercury)
    Pearl Woods "Sippin' Sorrow" (Charge)
    Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs "High Blood Pressure" (Herald)
    Oscar Boyd "When Things Get a Little Bit Better" (Hermes)
    The Four Kings "Farmer John" (MOC)
    Jackie Brenston "Trouble Up The Road" (Sue)
    Little Joe Washington "(I wanna Tell You) She's Mine" (Federal)
    The Top Notes "Twist and Shout" (Atlantic)
    Ray Agee "Your Precious Love" (Celeste)
    Meterogene Myles "Suffer" (Herald)
    Raeletts "One Room Paradise" (Tangerine)
    Wynonna Carr "Please Mr. Jailer" (Specialty)
    Lil Greenwood "I'm Crying" (Federal)
    Fay Simmons "Hangin' Around" (Port)
    Lady Jean and the Swinging Gents "Teeny Jeany" (CJ)
    LIttle Willie John "Katanga" (King)
    McKinley Mitchell "No Love Like My Love" (Onederful)
    Bobby Powell with Jackie Johnson "I'm Gonna Leave You" (Whit)
    The Valentinos "It's All Over Now" (SAR)
    Sugar Pie DeSanto "Open Your Heart" (Checker)
    The Acklin' Brothers "I Want My Baby" (De'Voice)
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