Was there a 'Rep your pick for Hottest chick of 2011' thread??



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    Otis_Funkmeyer said:


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    rey, now thats ridiculous. demasiado.
    bat...that lady is fine, but a little suspect that she wont turn her elbows to the camera in any of those pics. hmmm

    btw, i went to the fela musical last night and in retrospect id pay ticket price just to see the dancers do their thing. absolutely magnificent

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  • what's up with all of these stick figure gals with 12 year old boy bodies?


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    tripledouble said:
    btw, i went to the fela musical

    I saw the band from the musical (at least the UK gigs) called the Fontanelles last month. Fusking awesome! Best live band I've seen in a long time.
    They didn't bring the dancers though
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