Why do you collect records?



  • bboyparkzbboyparkz 549 Posts
    I love records today in 2012 as much as I have at any time in my 41 years.
    Im would guess that growing up with my grandmother who loved music and records must of had an effect on me.
    She had two record players in the living room and one in the kitchen.
    I can remember being with her and my granddad and bring at the ASDA (supermarket) where she bough a Jeff Love album with James Bond on the cover, that's my first record buying memory.

    Years latter hip hop cane along, being that I'd grown up around turntables/wax it was I guess a natural progression that I'd want to be a hip hop DJ. (insert various cliques about scratching on grandparents turntables, etc).

    These days I still live buying records/diggin.
    I love music, really love it, and Im stuck in my ways of how i play music, I like the ritual of funding a record on the shelf, taking it out the cover, playing it, puting it back in the shelf.
    I get a real joy from this ritual and playing an digital file, tape, cd just doesn't give me the same satisfaction.
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