Poast a 45 about your town

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Town: Augusta, GA


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    I got an easy one:

  • Paul Humphrey - Funky LA

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    ooooppps...not a 45...delete

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    A guy walked into my shop last week and played me a 45 by Black Velvet from Jefferson High School.
    I couldn't get him to sell.
    If I get my hands on a copy it will be the next Cavaliers Unlimited.
    He played it for Eric, so perhaps Mississippi will be coming out with it.

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    Tiny Trust - Pittsburg

    Written by Woody Guthrie but never recorded by him to my knowledge. The only other performance of this song on vinyl that i know of is Pete Seeger's version.

    I have no idea who the Tiny Trust is??? Features the old spelling of Pittsburg(h) Pa before it was changed many many years ago

    and a cool post card i found at a junk store near tahn with the old spelling. Cost $7 here but like most cities i'm sure it would have only cost 50c anywhere else

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    DC's best offering: parks

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    I won't be cruel enough to post the audio of it, it's brutal, trust me.

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