burning spear in a spot of bother

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Seems mr spear has been accusing ernie b of bootlegging his catalogue for some time, the accusations getting progressively more serious and its gone to the point that ernie b took it to the cops.... bad buzz, more on it including statements from both parties over on baf



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  • These are the words of Winston Rodney? Wow. Pretty serious accusations. I've done business with Ernie for over 15 years. Ernie has always been a pretty straight shooter from my experience. Don't really understand why he would want to tarnish his rep at this point with bootlegging. Doesn't make much sense.

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    A. Abraham

    i did bizzness with ernie for 20+ years
    after reading thru various threads about this subject
    i think he should have taken a "not knowingly dealt in bootlegs" line
    instead of the more righteous never ever evar sold any questionable items
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