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(at least those of you pushing forty?)
Sometimes you think about the most obscure, forgotten shit at 3 AM.
I remember this song being unavoidable in late '84/early '85. Even though the Billboard charts tell us that Nolan Thomas'"Yo, Little Brother" charted but never made the Top 20 (pop or soul), I find it hard to believe. This track was blaring from every open window that had a radio next to it.
And as you can see below, for a song on a major label subsidiary, "Yo, Little Brother" had a CHEAP-looking video that probably looked dated and tacky even back then:

Now, I can't stand this song by a long shot. Not back then and not right now. But it surprises me how utterly forgotten this song is, considering how ubiquitous it was at the time.


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    this was a hit, but the video didnt help even if i kinda like it.

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    Proto Rick Astley

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    I have this stuck in my head now

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    Ha! never even noticed this was used in Salt and Pepa - I'll Take Your Man!

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    Hey Pickwick,

    I used to love this song, and funny enough, I pulled out my old 12" version of it not too long ago. It is odd how the joint just fell off the radar. I've been re-discovering a number of 80s tunes and I"m surprised at how much I still enjoy a lot of them. For instance, I tripped out on how much I liked the Twilight 22 LP (name is escaping me at the moment) with "Electric Kingdom" on it. I played it a couple of weekends ago and I forgot that it had some nice R&B joints on it. I guess I'm getting old since I'm forgetting the contents of LPs I haven't heard for a long time.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • I was 6 when this came out and I also remember it getting tons of airplay. I freakin loved it. It may have had something to do with the fact that it was about a bad ass little brother and I was always fighting with my big brother.
    I did notice that it completely fell off the face of the earth too.

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    Ha! never even noticed this was used in Salt and Pepa - I'll Take Your Man!

    ???around the 17 second mark:

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    ^^ yeah man...funny i was just killing the Hot Cool Vicious album this morning....

    stumbled on this and had a small WTF moment as i forgot all about this track.

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    Downstroke said:

    This video rules.

  • Downstroke said:

    sick video. 2:12 office people on London Bridge reminds me of the ending of Trainspotting. no manic smile walk past focal area though.

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    Downstroke said:

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