10 45 you always play out



  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    Jimmy Reed "Don't Press Your Luck, Woman"
    Alvin Cash & the Crawlers "Twine Time"
    Mandrill "Fencewalk"
    Ideals "The Gorilla"
    Lowell Fulson "Make A Little Love"
    Flamingos "Dealin' (Groovin' With The Feelin')"
    Midnight Movers "Follow The Wind"
    Buddy Miles "We Got To Live Together"
    A.C. Reed "Talkin' 'Bout My Friends"
    Dave Mitchell & the Screamers "The Trip"

  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    I'm pretty excited to sit down and listen to all of the tracks in this thread when I have some time to look em up.
    I play out at the same spot a lot, so I've pretty much played these out around here but these are 10 dance party go-to 45:

    - ballinjack / found a child (start at the bust-a-move break?)
    - George McRae / I get lifted
    - Dennis Edwards / don't look any further
    - breakestra / come on over
    - X clan / funkin lesson
    - think (lyn Christopher, soul searchers or scorpyons of Jamaica)
    - funkadelic / knee deep
    - digital underground / kiss you back
    - DJ kool / let me clear my throat
    - earth wind and fire / bahian rhymes ( gazillion rhymes bootleg)

    No raers but now that I look at the list I guess no reissues either.
    I'll buy/play a reissue whenever though, my records are for DJing so affordable is good.

    I play records for 40yr olds and people at weddings and bars and for me.

  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Capprells - Close Your Eyes
    Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain
    Ellipsis - People
    Big Maybelle - I Got A Feelin
    True Movement- Depression
    Spinners - It's A Shame
    Diana Ross - Sunny Boy
    Bileo - You Can Win
    Black Byrds - Rock Creek Park
    Rhythm Makers - Soul On Your Side

  • mickalphabetmickalphabet deep inna majestic segue 372 Posts
    couple that rarely leave the (mixed) bag

    Tabaco y ron - rodolfo
    el bail de la arana - los silvertones
    vamos sacudir trio esperanca
    or a gira trio ternura
    kelen ati len orchestre boabab
    wild river - matata
    herimpoke - primitivo y su combo
    naturalmente - fafa de belem
    lupita - nico gomez
    Deny e dino - Este cara não tá com nada
    pena verde - abilio manoel

  • mickalphabetmickalphabet deep inna majestic segue 372 Posts
    bassie said:

    Spliff Tail + Version - Triston Palmer

    this rarely leaves my reggae bag.. along with next cut ...
    a href="
    barry brown not so lucky
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