Vaclav Havel R.I.P.!

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Give it up for the man! Very instrumental for freedom in Eastern Europe and a true music lover! Never forget!


  • RIP

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    A small cross-thread reference to the "what happened to NOT being...":

    "Zappa's influence in the prehistory leading up to this event is a bit of
    an enigma. Havel had long been a fan of Zappa's music and even credited
    his music as part of the inspiration for the anti-communist revolution. A
    Czech group, "The Plastic People of the Universe," became an underground
    sensation and the group was thrown behind bars for disturbing the peace.
    Under Russian rule, many kinds of music were banned outright. The music
    of Frank Zappa and the Velvet Underground were specifically blacklisted,
    and hence held a special signifigance both to the government and the
    revolutionary underground as representing freedom and independent
    thinking. Zappa was stigmatized into a kind of revolutionary hero,
    without him even knowing it."

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    I remember when he came to Cedar Rapids. I wasn't there but I remember it.

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