Help a fella with an acapella

StoneHandsStoneHands 341 Posts
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Any rap songs featuring the word 'hippies' or talking about hippies?

Thanks yall


  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 312 Posts
    Hmm De La Soul-Me myself and I maybe? not sure if there is a decent pella though.

  • Google hippies


    Black Moon "Who Got Da Props"

  • jjfad027jjfad027 1,594 Posts

    @ 1:26 "damn skippy I'm tipsy, high like a hippy"

  • JimsterJimster 6,889 Posts
    +1 for the Black Moon:

    One Mississippi, two Mississippi
    Sucker tried to diss me
    So I played him like
    A hippie from the 60's
    But I'm a get paid from the 90's
    Quick to play you
    Little Rascals out like Stymie

  • Yeah..Black Moon sprang to mind.

  • p_gunnp_gunn 2,284 Posts
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