Mumbai, whats hot?

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hello all, going to be in india for next month and going to stop off in mumbai for a few days before i head south. anybody any tips for stores, dealers or markets i could hit up? I pretty much no nowt about indian music so any must have essentials to look out for would be appreciated, i can offer photos and hopefully some uploads on my return - in return


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    Hello Mick, here's some snaps and info from a trip in 2009

    This is a dude in Chorr Bazaar, also known as Thieve's Market. Avoid the early morning, that's the time when villains are out and about. Also hold on to your valuables.

    It was near this street

    Just a bit further on from here. Get a taxi there; dude won't drive in but he'll drop you at the edge.

    Vinyl is low grade, usually rinked, covers a bit smelly. It is what it is.

    This is the outside of his shop. Records dangling outside. Nice touch. There are a few stalls selling 45s too, but the sales pitch was just too oppressive. Had to walk away, son.

    I wish this was some secret squirrel minty mumbai raer horde, but it's just a perfume advert in a department store.

    Watch out for those monsoons. The streets are like rivers in minutes. Minutes, I tells ya!
    Pretty sure the season has finished tho'.

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    Damn, these pics got castrated. None too good with the technology, apologies dude.

    Hit me on the pm if you need more info. Just get to Chorr bazaar and take that stroll. Pack a portable turntable, about 8 litres of fresh water and set aside about 12 hours in the shop.

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    I will be in Mumbai Dec 10-17. I just pm'ed you.

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    I'm gonna go there in the end of january.....thanks for the info....anyone knows some shops/dealers in Goa, India also?

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    Thanks Skel, aviod the villains in the thieves market to find the raers, sounds like a level of prince of persia!
    good one Bluesnag i'll get back to you now.
    anybody dealt with this guy ?

  • Haji Ebrahim is the dude for me! I bought a big pile there and it was the first time I got a personal record carrier as a service. Sweet! If you can ask for specific records he might have more...if you know whaddamean. Avoid Goa head to Gokarka - smaller, nicer and no records there but a great Ayrvedic "Hospital" 100m from the sea - great experience!
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