Djing a Bachata/Salsa/Reggaeton night, any suggestions on what to play?

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I know i rarely post on here, but i kinda lurk a bit and i thought this would be a pretty good spot to field some suggestions.

Basically, i agreed to dj at a night for a dance society a while back and was told it would be a mixture of salsa dancers, b boys and hip hop dancers (still have no idea what that is, is it like 'Bring It On' type ish?) I figured since i like Latin music and i do a lot of proper B Boy comps and the like i would be fine for this.

Didn't give it any thought until i got this message.

"We have quite a strong latin-base in the society so anything in salsa, reggaeton and especially bachata would be highly appreciated! Here are some examples of the kind of thing we dance to

Bachata : Song name/ artist
1)Promise / Romeo Santos ft. Usher
2)Tu y yo / Toby Love

3) Te extra??o/ Xtreme (classic ???)
4) Dime a donde va el amor/ Daniel Santacruz

5) Obsesion / Aventura
6) Corazon sin Cara/ Royce

Salsa : Song name/ artist
1) Aguanile/ Hector Lavoe (or marc anthony)

2) Ran kan kan- Tito Puente

3) Abre que voy- Los van van (Miguel Enriquez)

4) Tu amor me hace bien/ Marc anthony
5) Micaela - Sonora Carruseles

6) Ahora quien/ Marc anthony

Reggaeton: Song name/ Artist
1) Danza koduro/ Don omar
1) Taboo/ Don omar
2) Hasta abajo/ Daddy Yankee ft Don Omar

3) Desafio / Daddy Yankee ft Don omar

4) I know you want me/ Pitbull

What do?

Agreed to dj a night, then found out they expect me to play Bachata, reggaeton and salsa and i know not a great deal about the first two.


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    I've been meaning to ask for some Bachata recommendations on here. That one that comes on every afternoon that sounds like a dude doing a Shakira cover. Which one is that?

    For the Salsa/Bboy angles, just get the Bronx River Parkway LP. Maybe rock doubles.

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    Also, sounds like there will be lots of lesbians there so play some Rihanna remixes

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    SportCasual said:
    That one that comes on every afternoon that sounds like a dude doing a Shakira cover. Which one is that?

    Obsesion / Aventura


  • Jesus christ I hate bachata but...the ladies around here LOVE IT. Like crazy.

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    You want me to get a tonne more Bachata tunes from them?

    To be fair the Salsa stuff she linked me to, is not really particularly bad.

  • Soy Igual Que T??- Alexis y Fido ft Toby Love

    Aventura - Voy Malacostumbrado

  • sounds like they want a lot of more popular, current stuff. you can easily take cues here:

    La Mega 97.7FM

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    It ended up being one of the best nights i have played at in ages, the girls outnumbered the guys about 4 to 1 and i had a full dancefloor for 4 hours. I played a mainly Hip Hop, Salsa set with a few disco classics thrown in and kept the Reggaeton and Bachata for towards the end of the night.

    Not gonna lie, i am really not feeling that Bachata stuff, but everyone started slowdancing to it and seemed to be having a good time.

    Thanks again for the recommendations.


    That Salsa mix is really good btw.
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