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After reading the Dj Sheep interview and him mentioning the VPI Clening machine, I started thinking about actually getting one of these.
'What's the best place to get one. I live in Europe and it's quite expensive to have one shipped from the States.

Also I'm interested in hearing what people's experiences with the VPI are.

many thanks



  • they used to sell them on juno for a decent price, but now juno have got the MOTH one in for a few quid - its good too i hear.


    have a quick search on the previous threads on here for VPI and you should find a couple of monster threads about it discussed in great detail [/nottryingtosoundpatronising]. i think the consensus is that you can't breath audio life into a scratched, filthy record, but you can slightly improve something that has a lot of dust and grime on it. there is also a lot of discussion about what kind of solution to use, everyone has their favourite blendz.

  • here's one on tips and tricks for example http://www.soulstrut.com/index.php/forums/viewthread/63366/c

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    I own a VPI, a KAB EV-1 and an electrosonic tank.

    Apart from the Electrosonic tank being able to remove that one tick now and again (but it's such a long clean I'm not sure it's worth it for day to day cleaning), I think the best bang for the buck is the KAB. I've yet to clean anything on the KAB then the VPI and have it sound better. Granted I've never cleaned anything on the VPI and had it sound better after using the KAB either, but to me these are basically the same machine with different bells and whistles. The Electrosonic did make a couple of lp's sound better then both the VPI and KAB, but at 30 minutes cleaning per LP it isn't worth it. Apart from removing very bad dirt stuck in grooves, the VPI or KAB will give you 95%-98% of the results of the Electrosonic cleaning.

    Anyhow, you can find a used KAB for $75, and the shipping will be much cheaper. It's not as nice looking as the VPI, but it's basically the same thing without the giant box and vacuum inside

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    I put about 500 moldy jazz lps through the VPI last month with great results. Total workhorse, and very good at cleaning records quickly. I bought a model 16 for $200 and did the 16.5 upgrade to it. Highly recommended. I use it with Mobile Fidelity and Osage wet brushes. The MF is good for fingerprints and labels, and the Osage does a great job of cleaning deep in the grooves.

    It's a bit loud. My neighbors must think I'm OCD with dust buster all day long.

    I won't play any records on my Thorens table without cleaning them first.

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    VPI isn't cheap but you won't regret spending the money.

  • If you're in Europe an Okki Nokki may be a better bet (made in Germany I think). I've had mine a couple of years with no problems.
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