Question about refund. Ebay related

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Bought a record that was listed as a perfect copy but when I received it it appeared to have weird spots (pressingdefects) and some sort of heat damage that makes it completely unplayable.
Seller offered me a refund for the record but is it fair to demand a refund for the shipping ($19) as well? After all I wouldn't have spent money on this if I knew it was in such terrible condition.
Seller obviously didn't inspect the record before listing it.

Just a refund for the record still leaves me with an unplayable record and $19 wasted on shipping.


  • gazgaz 232 Posts
    A refund should incl your postage, however you have to send the record back if you follow ebay/paypal policy , and your not entitled to claim return postage ..... ebay!

    Ask for it all and see what seller says

  • strataspherestratasphere Blastin' the Nasty 1,035 Posts
    I received a record with heat damage once and was fully refunded. The seller told me to keep the record because it was unsellable. If it is a seller you do regular business with you probably will not have to return it to get a full refund.
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