Munich, Dresden, & Prague (RR)

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I'm going to be in Munich, Dresden, & Prague next week, can anyone recommend any record spots?


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    Haven't been to Munich or Dresden, but I was in Prague early july. This was very helpful:

    It's a map with about all spots that have vinyl in Prague (and the rest of Czech Republic).

    There aren't too many real record shops (and the ones I visited weren't really good), but there are lots of books shops (antikvariat) that have records. Most of them are cheap (4-8 euros for a record) and even have a separate Eastern European jazz section (which was my primary interest when looking for records).

    The spots I've been to:

    Musik Antikvariat: recommended, big sales section, separate sections for Czech Rock, Czech Jazz, East euro jazz etc.
    CD Bazar (Krakovska): specialized record store, for one reason or another 90% of their stock were japanese pressings? I didn't find anything interesting here.
    CD Bazar Vitezna: same for their other store.
    Phono.CZ: not recommended, almost only new vinyl. Some interesting 45s though, but I didn't buy anything.
    Antikvariat Kant: this was next to Phono.CZ, but there was only one crate with classical music.
    Binderphon: maybe the best place I visited. A bit out of the centre, but a nice selection.
    Black Point Music: a so called record store, located far out of the centre and definitely not worth the walk.
    Antikvariat Aurora: Check this out, it's a cosy book store with a nice selection of records.

    I also went to some other old book stores that I just stumbled upon, so I can't recall which ones those were, but if you look around, you'll find some stuff.

  • my friend deals records in prague. hit me on the pms if you want his info.

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    I??m in Munich. holla if you need records and Brews.

  • @blastkid
    Thanks for the info!

  • Can anyone recommend a fleamarket in Munich? I probably won't get the chance to go to one but it be good to know if I can.

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    There is one in Zenithhalle in the North of Munich from Thursday to Saturday. It??s allright, you might find stuff there. then Saturday morning on the BMW Area there is another one, with a few cats holding records.

  • thanks
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