Spotify launches in 'Merica

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Anybody on this thing or subscribed to the premium service? The offline playlists features is appealing and i was wondering how you guys like it. I use Pandora a lot when I get brain-freeze about what to play when cooking and what not. Do you guys see this as a replacement or are they completely different?


  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,303 Posts
    pandora sucks compared to spotify
    the time limits and limited song skips drive me crazy
    I like spotify so far. Idk about coping the premium yet.

  • barjesusbarjesus 872 Posts
    Grandfather said:

    the time limits and limited song skips drive me crazy
    I like spotify so far. Idk about coping the premium yet.

    Pretty much sums it up. I like it, but 20hrs. streaming is nothing. Also, It's alright for previewing things I don't have and it's neat to see my friends playlists, but I don't see myself paying $5/m to stream what I already have in my own mp3 collection.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Pay? For music? Pshaw!

  • Hey!

    We've been using Spotify for a couple of years now in Norway, and if anyone wants a Spotify invite, feel free to send me a PM!

    Btw: Most people I know, including myself, were sceptic to paying for streaming. All I can tell you is that I started paying (around $18) the monthly fee after about half a year. It was the best thing I did. No commercials, as well as the possibility to use Spotify on mobile devices. Today, Spotify has become a very natural part of my life. Streaming is the way to go for digital music, I think. And the offline possibilites are also nice. As well as the Facebook integration for sharing with friends.

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,921 Posts
    I was given a Spotify invite three years ago when it was first launched in the UK. I used it regularly, right up until I moved to Germany, and I'm kinda pissed off I can no longer use it over here. I'll probably sign up for the premium account before much longer.

    From a "new business model" p/o/v, there are certainly numerous issues about whether or not it's actually worthwhile financially for artists to have their music on Spotify, but, that aside, I know a bunch of people who use it, and it's been embraced fairly warmly by most of them.

  • Thanks for the heads up on this. Since I've been unemployed I've been running into pandoras time limits. Never had to worry about it before. Downloading the app now to check it out.
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