Track ID: Madlib/Madvillain/Quasimoto remix sampling Newcleus??

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I seem to remember a Madlib 12" remix from around 2003-2004 that chopped up "Jam On It" or "Let's Jam" or one of those Newcleus tracks. I'm pretty sure I own the record, too, but I can't find it, and a discogs search under various Madlib projects and aliases hasn't turned up anything. Could it possibly have been an MF Doom or Dilla track?


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    Nobody? Maybe it's not a Newleus sample, but another similar 80s electro funk record?

  • This?

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    HarryPalmer said:

    Not it. Weirdly enough, though, that K-Def "Beats from the 90s" collection was part of the same conversation where this Madlib track first came up. I'm thinking the track must be Madvillain's "Money Folder" remix, but I can't find it on youtube to confirm. They just have the original.
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