VPI BreakDown

MiddleDeanMiddleDean 68 Posts
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My VPI 17 crapped out on me this morning. any one had this happen to them?
The vacuum shut down & brown smoke started blowin' out ...

any one had a simular problem & if so what did you do.

thanks T


  • MR_ZIMMSMR_ZIMMS 210 Posts
    Did you clean lmore than 15 or 20 records after each other without taking a pause?

  • MiddleDeanMiddleDean 68 Posts
    I don't think so...

    it was early in my pile.

    Honestly though i work that machine very hard. It probably cleans on average 80 to 100
    records a day.

    I have set on some blocks & I have a fan set up under it. When shut down in the past it was
    the platter that would stop not the vacuum.

    I have to do the above method because my 17 is a vintage one & it does not have the fan
    built into it.

    Has any one ever took one of these apart & fixed it themselves?

    thanks Tim

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    I have had this happen before and I am certain it is an electrical short. Thankfully I didn't have to service the unit it just started working again after leaving it idle for a while. I think slapping it around helped too.

    Be careful of leaks from the tank. That's the culprit I think. It's easy to pop open the bottom of the unit and clean out the tank (or just have a look inside).

    Hope that helps.
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