R.I.P. Kittie Doswell (ever heard of her?)

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My parents told me that a neighbor who used to walk her two poodles, one white and one black, up and down the street every morning passed from lung cancer at 72. As I recall, I have met her only twice briefly in the past several years. However, I was surprised to find out that she was a soul singer back in the day...



  • jaysusjaysus 787 Posts
    Great track and such sense of style

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    that song is beautiful

  • FlomotionFlomotion 2,386 Posts
    Pretty sure she's on the other Night Blooming Jazzmen LP as well - great voice.

  • dollar_bindollar_bin I heartily endorse this product and/or event 2,324 Posts
    the_dL said:
    that song is beautiful

    My thoughts exactly
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