Some Spanish wants

pencilfacepencilface 674 Posts
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I failed to find these on my trip to Barcelona - any Spanish dudes on here got any going spare? (pic sleeves preferred for the 45's) :

GALAXIA - la noticia 45
DULCES ANOS - analisa/ caretas de carton 45
KATUNGA - puedes oirmes 45
NORAH - nobody gotta be home tonight 45
XETXU - xohana 45


PROYECTO A LP (John S found one for Euro 30 - so they've gotta be out there right?)


  • pencilfacepencilface 674 Posts
    Bump -- some one must have some Spanish bangers going spare??

  • tykarimtykarim 6 Posts
    I do get Flying Guitar every now and then...any other Spanish wants?

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