SEECO Label Pressing Question (Paging Reynaldo-r)

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Alright, so I found another copy of the Joe Cuba Sextette Comin' At You LP on SEECO today. This one has a red label (see below). Since all my other LPs on SEECO have the black on rainbow label, my gut says the red label is a later pressing.

The covers are identical except for a very small black stamp on the front that says "MT Mic-Tone" (on the red-label copy).

Wondering which one I should file?

Great LP, by the way!


  • PATXPATX 2,820 Posts
    The red one needs to go (aesthetically speaking)

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    From that era, Black and Rainbow is the one you want. I've never seen a red label but the placement of the logo (above the hole) is from an older style (late 50s).
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