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Hey World Strutters, last list was a pleasure for me, lot of good trades???So I came back with another list of wants, very latin/brazilian oriented this time, maybe the effect of vacation with sea, sex and sun???As usual please send your Email at: [email][/email]Hope to go often in my post office!Much of my last trade list are in the website now (, along with MP3s???and newbiesSome new additions:LEGRAND ECRAN LP With the insane Hammond business of ???Un Homme Est Mort???, one of the best score coming from FranceSUPSONIC EP In demand bongo/bass combo with some tight ???Concorde take off ??? sound samples to uplift the dancefloorEBERHARD SCHOENER BALI AGUNG Can you believe it? Jungle music already existed in 1976: Ketjack Rock featured drum & bass, electro FX and balisian chorus in a typical UK breakbeat fashion: incredible.EDDIE WARNER IM BIG BAND MEDIUM COMBO / MEDIUM ORCHESTRAL BEAT: the big daddy of French library with two of his first releases on the mythical IM label. Great big band funk/jerk.More to come on the website, available for trade right now:ROGER ROGER SOUNDS INDUSTRIAL (very very dope proto electro album, for me the best and by far of the label in this genre, tons of sample materials and a dream for hip hop loops)JEAN PIERRE BOTTURA JAZZ MODERNE (Nothing but drum patterns???with groove!)DAVE PIKE SALOMAO (Nothing but drum and percussions???.breaks!)ANDRE CECCARELLI RYTHMES 2nd press (one of the best De Wolfe release for producers, why it went from want list to trade list? Because I???m not a producer! Tons and tons of loops, clear drumbreak and super fender jazz)NOVI SINGERS TORPEDO One of the true mythical polish vocal jazz album, their best effort (along with Bossa Nova) say the jazz scat connoisseurs.More to come in the future, but can???t remember which one as I???m at work!The WANT LIST:MARCOS ARIEL BambuWILLIE BOBO Do what you wanna doJOE CUBA Estamos Haciendo / Bang! Bang! Bang!RAY BARRETTO Hard Hands / Senor 007MARVA BROOME Mystifying Mama 7???CANDIDO Drum Fever / BeautifulCAYMMI DANILO Cheiro VeirdeC HENRY WOODS TROUPE The Stranger 7???DAMASO PEREZ PRADO Sexomania 7???D???ANGELO (not the nu-soul fella, the brazilian bunch on Equipe label)GLORIA JONES Tainted Love 7??? (1st or 2nd press I don???t care..)LES DE MERLE TransfusionMANITO O IncrevelMARCIA MARIA S/TTONY MIDDLETON Spanish Maiden 7???OILING MATTI Happy Jazz BandARMANDO PERAZA Wild ThingLOUIE RAMIREZ Do It Any Way You Wanna 7???REALITY War / Mack One 7???BOBBY RODRIGUEZ Simply MacrameMONGUITO SANTAMARIA Crying Time 7??? (or the LP with the track on it)JOHNNY SAX SortilegeSEGUIDA Love Is???LENNI SESAR Morris Park 7???SOM 3 S/TI???m still in the beginning in both latin and brazil sound, so I???m open to any suggestions, MP3s prefered (sorry ALEIT! (-:). You probably know better what I???m after with the want list: latin groove with percussions breakdown madness, dancefloor barzilian jazz or samba with superb voices or not??? deep and hypnotic boogie/disco in the very same style as Henry Woods Troupe The Stranger, Harry & Orr Spread Love or James Mason stuff etc etc..
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