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This is finally about to drop at the end of March, I for one will be copping. Shit looks amazing; Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, StreetFighter all in glorious 3D. With no stupid, headache inducing, glasses either.

3d SuperMario! :bug: 3d Netflix & 3d augmented reality through the camera.

Super geeked


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    are you able visually to view any 3D without glasses? although this seems to live up to the hype, some peoples eyes are unable to see it in 3D from what i have read, i was @ the Sony Store about a month ago looking at TV's and such and although i have very little interest in buying into the 3D hype (at the moment) i had to check out one the their 3D tv's and even with the glasses on i couldnt really see much of a difference, there was no change in my depth perception and i only noticed a difference when i took the glasses off and saw the doubling on the tv...mind you i can also see old school CRT monitors flickering/strobing at 60hrz....

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    Unless you're dressed as a Pirate, or you have a more serious visual impairment, I don't see why 3d wouldn't work for you.


    How the 3ds works.

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    yeah no pirate gear going on, the old skool blue/red glasses used to work on me and i do wear contacts, but i dont have overly bad vision, not quite sure what the deal was but i wasnt getting that IMAX 3D experience, the girlfriend said she could see it...

    i'll have to check it out again next time i am at the mall, although i dont go there very often..see if theres any difference, maybe take a bit more time and give my eyes some time to adjust i guess...

    i cant lie playing games in tree-dee would be wicked ilove me some 3D GTA action....oh man!

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    they came out in japan over the weekend and already sold out. pretty amazing.

    i'll have my hands on one next week as i'll be a part of the american launch, doing some marketing / promo work here in NYC, then hitting the road for a month visiting college campuses, spreading the word. so stoked!

  • A bit pissed off with the number of incarnations of the DS Nintendo have churned out.

    Wanting a release date for the next Zelda:Skyward Sword on the Wii.
    Twilight Princess was superb.

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    A colleague of mine had a go at it before at some game convention.
    Instead of having the user to wear the headache inducing 3D glasses, the 3D glasses were built in the console's screen. The end-result: it's even more headache-inducing. He was warned that no one should play 3D mode for more than 45 minutes. As tempting as it is, I think I might give NDS3D a pass...

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    It's going to be like looking at one of those Jesus postcards, isn't it? ;)

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    Okem said:

    My Zangief pwns everyone.

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    the game line up at launch isn't great enough to get me to purchase right now. i will be holding out for animal crossing, then i will have to buy. my money is going towards an ipad 2 at this point.

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    Love the idea and intrigued at the moment. Can't help but wonder if all the negative press about danger to children's eyes and headaches etc is going to have a similar effect on it to the virtual boy. I've not owned a hand held since the gameboy/gamegear days though my other half owns a first generation DS and most of the decent games on there seem to be based more around puzzle games than games that would benefit greatly from 3D. Therefore no buy for me until they move past selling it on slightly prettier ports of old N64 games

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    So dude at work brought his in yesterday.

    It works!

    It's not headache, it's eye-muscle ache. Dude had the 3d-slider on half and my peepers were like, all sqaure-waving. Whacked the slider to SMASH and it was smoother and no longer distracting.

    I think the top screen (that's the 3d one) could be bigger, it would certainly help to sell the effect.

    It's distracting to look at the bottom screen, it's basically redundant.

    It's still a bit pop-up book, the sprites themselves aren't 3d.

    I don't think there is any 3d pr0n for the nds.

    I am poor so don't need it but would stretch for one if the screen was ipad size.

  • 3D TV and Videogames = scary
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