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    willie_fugal said:
    Martin said:
    the idea of tumblr is great but the execution by those using it is painfully generic.

    this is different from any other medium in the history of media dissemination how?
    I don't think it's true either. Tumblr is a micro blogging platform so there's only a limited amount you can do within the posts, but people are still incredibly creative with that. The content is just as varied as any other blogging platform.
    Maybe the formatting of the posts is generic, but that kind of the point.

  • There are certainly many clever tumblr pages, and there are a handful that I visit regularly, but I find the format to be an obnoxiously easy way for 20 - 30 year olds to manage and maintain their personal brand. I mean, so many tumblr pages appear to consist of gifs, images, culturally relevant phrases: a half quoted allen ginsberg poem set right below a vacant beach, or non-sensical, well manacured goofiness displayed in picture and word form, all of which took someone thirty seconds to search for on google image. Lazy reappropriation steezoids = pay attention to my personal brand mang.

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    Some of my art and stuff - mostly tattoo flash at the moment.

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