Am I allowed to start a 5555555

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What's the protocol?

1. Beautiful (beyond my league), supportive, loving girlfriend.
2. Winter in L.A.
3. pipmin' free parking spot for major label meeting.
5. Swisher, filled for the drive back from said meeting.

I've been depressed.I
I need to stop moping around because I'm blessed.

Edit: Fixed: how did I put my partner at 2? I'm not good with order I guess. She is number one's number one.

The next five is fuggin awesome.

Down there.


  • easiest awesome 5

    1. Got married to my dream lady 2 months ago
    2. Designing is taking me further than i've ever thought....
    3. Love picking up some amazing lp's I've always wanted
    4. Walking around Pasadena is such a great way to keep in shape.
    5. Sipping great tequila is a fine way to spend a late Friday night, early Saturday morning....all while listening to some great lp's

  • ^

    1. Taking 4 months off from March...Argentina/Brazil/Bolivia/Peru/Costa Rica/Cuba/Newyork.
    2. Just gripped/stripped/equipped & flipped a property, doing everything ourselves for the first time, NO mddlemen.
    3. Skipping work tomorrow to watch the Packers get they asses handed to them.
    4. Still drunk @ 9:17 in the morning, off to the beach shortly.
    5. Dj Yoda - LL Mix

    Goddamn fox ate my chickens

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
    1. Just got over a UTI. With Cranberry fucking juice?
    2. Finally figured out how to hack WPA2 passwords. It just takes more time really.
    3. The Walking dead comic book has brought a smile to my face.

    eh.. looks like I top out at 3.

    - spidey
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