Banging chicks out to Boz Scaggs "Lowdown" - Yay or Nay



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    It would be better than some of the Lighthouse Family / Coldplay / Manic Street Preacher selections of previous sheet-sharers that I have endured, for y'know, the sake of it.

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    jjfad027 said:
    Twas bonin'


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    Controller_7 said:

    When banging chicks out to lowdown, which is a given, do you pull your cargo shorts off, leave them around your ankles, or just poke your boz out the pee pee whole?

    Excellent question. As a man of sophistication, I have seen fit to stock my dresser with a wide variety of evening wear. The mature man of leisure must be prepared for all manner of nocturnal interludes. For the purposes of lining up, I usually go with silk cargo pajama pants with matching silk "Dilla Changed My Life" monogrammed smoking jacket, which I then tear off to demonstrate both my superlative virility and a level of wealth that makes the destruction of such garments a matter of no import.

    Controller_7 said:

    Is it in bad taste to cripple said chick with your awesome sex abilities? Or is it more acceptable to just hobble her temporarily?

    It is considered poor form to permanently injure one's tryst-mate with the mighty power of one's figurative sex hammer. As those poor, misguided, and generally just poor hippies have been telling us for decades, we must learn to live sustainably. Unfortunately, that means we men of leisure cannot just go around cutting a massive swath of sextruction wherever we go. With great sexing power comes great sexing responsibility.

    Controller_7 said:

    Goatees are still the shit, right?

    Of course. Although it is my understanding that neck beards are currently in vogue amongst the sexerati as well.

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    Did I break Soulstrut with this? Shits is chirps for days in here.

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    You have become a destroyer of threads.


    Mellow Mellow Right On

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    It's a "hangin out the back of it" backlash

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    "sexerati" has now been lexicon'ed for the future.

  • I hereby declare the necessity of an 'old-school pono' graemlin. Also, awaiting "Loc: figurative sex hammer"

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    I saw this video and wondered if this would increase or decrease the bang quotient.

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  • I would have to say nay. My wife may have liked it many years ago, but she would expect me to put on something a little more...sophisticated. You know, Luther Vandross or some Teddy. lol
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