Fela to be rereleased.......again.

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"FELA! ACTIVITY: Although the Tony-award-winning play Fela! closed on Broadway, there is still plenty more of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti???s music to go around. Knitting Factory Records will release on Feb. 1 a series of vinyl box sets starting with a six-album collection curated by The Roots??? ?uestlove, each featuring the painstakingly recreated original artwork. The label will also release a 10-album, seven CD set, Power Show, on Jan. 18, spanning from 1972 to Fela???s last album, originally released in 1992. Finally, the original show will be filmed live at London???s National???s Olivier Theatre and broadcast to 86 screens in the U.S., 85 in Canada and a total of 352 other venues in 20 countries, on Jan. 13, starting in the U.K., with other dates to be announced. See below for a video about the making of the Fela! Original Broadway Cast Recording, featuring Sahr Ngaujah in the title role singing with members of African music group Antibalas. (1/11a)"

Great they're keeping the original artwork. Collectros get ready.


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    I feel bad for the Knitting Factory. I know people who have tried to license Fela material and the estate wants a fortune for each album - I can't see how they could possibly make their money back seeing how this material has been reissued to death already.

    I know there is new hype because of the show, but will this really translate into sales of the reissues?

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    Woimsah said:
    Collectros get ready.

    Collectros were ready twelve years ago

    But seriously, what would be in your 6 album Fela Box set? Here's ?uestlove's:
    Everything Scatter
    Expensive Shit
    Fear Not For Man
    Sorrow Tears And Blood
    Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense
    Beasts Of No Nation.

    There's really no wrong answer, it's a more about making Sophie's Choices about excluding albums you love but most of us probably have a top six. Off the top of my head, for me it would be:

    Expensive Shit The first Fela Album I ever heard, and probably the best two-track LP of all time
    Zombie To me this is one of his funkiest tracks
    Fear Not For Man This is a case of the B-side wins, Palm Wine Sound is my favorite Fela instrumental
    Kalakuta Show Anthemic
    Sorrow, Tears, and Blood I just like this one.
    I.T.T. (International Thief Thief) another plain favorite.

    Anybody else care to make a 6 LP box?

  • Slightly Fela - R:

    Has anyone checked out the mashups on this site:


    It's The Beatles blended with Fela (aptly titled The AfroBeatles). I think some of them are amazing!

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    dollar_bin said:

    Anybody else care to make a 6 LP box?
    I am away from home at the moment, but at a quick guess?
    Zombie would be my first choice
    Black President
    Upside Down
    Every Thing Scatter
    London Scene
    the first couple are easy, but its close between a few others, i need to have a listen to some records when i get home

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    Gentlemen would definitely make my list. It was the first Fela tune I heard and is still one of my favorites.

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    Confusion is a favorite of mine that doesn't seem to get mentioned much.

    Of course, it was also the first one I ever bought, so that might have something to do with it.

  • Horseleech said:
    Confusion is a favorite of mine that doesn't seem to get mentioned much.

    Of course, it was also the first one I ever bought, so that might have something to do with it.

    Yeah, Confusion was my first Fela LP as well. I don't have the cover for it though, it's just in a plain white sleeve.

    And yea, I don't hear people talk about this one much. I think it's great. Especially the intro.
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