Rad Trivia -- Name The Artist...

WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
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finally working. there are a few clues in there...


  • WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
    no one? thought some would dig this.

  • jamesjames chicago 1,863 Posts
    Onnaccounta the piano style and the kalimba, I'm gonna say Ramsey Lewis.

  • horace ott or maybe jerry peters on electric piano?

  • HorseleechHorseleech 3,830 Posts
    70's Horace Silver?

  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts

  • WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
    ha -- no.

    love these answers though...think everyone's going to have a chuckle in the long run.

    while it my not be me playing, it is someone I'm definitely a fan of.

  • WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
    ya'll soft.

  • uttersutters 321 Posts
    the man. the legend. it had to be mcdonald.

  • so, what is the name of the song?

  • WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
    does that divshare allow you to download it???

    it's called "Can You Feel It". It's from a comp that has a bunch of early recordings from him --- this was definitely the standout, IMO. There are def some "minute by minute" chord progressions in there.

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XN84SRAL for the true brother mcdonald fan.

  • cool.

    did anyone here check out the "dukes of september" (don fagen, mike mcdonald and boz scaggs)

  • WoimsahWoimsah 1,734 Posts
    I really fucked up on that one. I was under the impression, due to some bad info, that they were mainly doing new material, and therefore was not really feeling it.

    Found out a bit too late that they were planning on incorporating "Shakedown Street" and tracks like it. I screwed the pooch on this one - def should have gone, if for nothing else, seeing the crowd alone. My boy went to see Steely Dan at Jones Beach a few years back and said he sat behind a dude who was wearing a Pat Metheny baseball hat with his pony tail coming through the hole in the back.
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