What the hell is this????

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What the hell is this? It's sealed and I don't have a player where I'm at, but am dying to know more about this. Google/discogs/thematrix = nothing.

Garden Of Delights - "in Search of Never Ending Love" on Heartsong out of Wendell, MA from 1985.


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    Oh and also, another little something I came across today is another title on which I can find NO info. Wish I had a pic -- it's called "Electric Fuzz" and it's on Parachute from the late 70s/early 80s, I believe.

    It had a bunch of muppet looking rad characters on the front of it, looked like it could have been based off a European TV show or something to that effect.

    This ringing a bell for anyone? Did I sleep on something great? I dismissed it bc of the year, label and mainly bc I was in a huge rush.

  • dang...only sht i could find on this had to be crudely translated:

    GARDEN OF DELIGHTS-In Search of Never Ending Love-Heartsong???85 m.beilage m-/m- $50
    US 1985 CD SOUL / FUNK ?? 2600
    ???????????????????????????????????????/?????????(?)???????????????(?)???????????????????????????????????????????????????/?????????????????????????????????GARDEN OF DELIGHTS???(MA????????????????????????????????????)HEARTSONG-85????????? Minor MA / religious affiliation (?) ??? Mixed black and white (?) Large household ??? ??? ??? acoustic soul / rock ??? ??? General Group of GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (MA Maina???Rehe of dollars ???) HEARTSONG-made in 1985. ???????????????/?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? More than one man / I feel good songs to play acoustic peaceful feeling that REITs Okarisuto Wototte women s window. ??? . ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"THE OCEAN", "SOMEONES GOTTA GIVE", ????????????????????????????????????"MIRROR OF THE WORLD"????????? In a speech ??? Foki???Saike atmosphere Ritual "THE OCEAN", "SOMEONES GOTTA GIVE", why the E???Tatchi REGGAE "MIRROR OF THE WORLD" recording. ???????????????????????? Lyric sheets provided. ????????????-????????????/?????????????????? Labels - White / Black. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Meshi Yaketto???Uota???Ta s s s system. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lay off the sled to ??? ??? Ali does not interfere very light. ?????????A-1???"SOMEONES GOTTA GIVE" ?????? AUDIO: A-1???"SOMEONES GOTTA GIVE" Album

    there is a sample track ("SOMEONES GOTTA GIVE") and all the info here: http://www.eees.net/Gaponrecords/Items/24513

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    Wow -- thanks so much for that. I scoured the internet but couldn't find a thing.

    Hopefully that's not the stand out track on there. Main reason I bought it, beside it looking totally crazed, was that there are stickers on the back with type saying something like "Hints of gospel and soul, rock and jazz, country and rockabilly, reggae and ska"....for 5 bucks it seemed worth it.
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