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After the usual kind of rubbish (fuzz n drums mostly :o)


CAROL GRIMES - s/t (UK femme funk rock. It's all about "uphill peace of mind")
NO TO CO - so what (Polish folk-rock outfit with fuzz and garage chucked in there. a few good tracks, and a great cover of "gimme some loving" * couldn't find soundclips*)
STEVE REID - daxaar (From 2007. Aafro-y funky jazz with a bunch of African musicians. Also Kieren Hebden on 'electronics')
ENNIO MORICONE - exorcist 2 OST (The whole thing sounds like a scary version of "african sanctus" - - but the track "pazuzu" is frigging mental. fuzz, drums and terrifying wordless vocal screaching! *couldn't find a sound clip to the good version on here*)
GARY McFARLAND - America the beautiful (Under rated LP by this guy: Very Axelrodish moody orch-rock-jazz-funk stuff. Tatty but plays well)
KALYANJI ANANDJI - rafoo chakkar OST (killer Bollywood score. Includes the mega "chhuup chhuup" and 'title music' as featured on some Bollywood comps. But i can't find clips of them. this one is also on here)
JIM PEPPER - pepper's pow wow (Navaho chanting over jazz-y backings that has an almost spiritual jazz quality at times. Killer version of "witchi tai to")
GRUPA ABC/ HALINA FRACOWIAK - Hallo 2 (German comp of tracks by the great Polish group. Turns out i have all the best songs on here already on various Polish LPs, so i don't need this. A few killer tunes)


DOCDAIL - ston me (catchy French hard rock, as featured on that amazing 'tetes lourdes' comp)
MOSS DOSS PHOBOSMOSS - peace, love, people and music (scuzzy French hippie singalong)
VOYAGE - le roy/ nangadef (Third single by these moustacheod French proggers. Both sides are decent. A-side has a tasty breakbeat)
GUN - race with the devil/ sunshine (psych-y hard rock)
DAVID & THE GIANTS - love em and leave em (Great funky mod rock)
AVALANCHE - layla (very stupid version with phasing and very few vocals.)
LIVING FORCE - ride, ride, ride (funky, horn rock. or something)
EDGAR J ALLAN - got you on the run (fuzzy freakrock. Would fit on those 'Electric Asylum' comps)
TRUE ADVENTURE - outlaw love (sleazy glammy freakrock)

LIFE - cat's eyes (sort of glam instrumental. it has all the hallmarks of glam, but i've seen it sold as 'northern' - so what do i know!?)
MARC ARYAN - liberte (listen to that intro! starts off like a wonky "superstition", turns into a wonky "venus"!)
HERMAN'S ROCKET - space woman (Massiera-produced wonky cosmic disco. Recently comped by FK)
K. BABUJI - Parmatma OST EP (lesser spotted Bollywood EP with all the right ingredients. Check here)
JESS & JAMES - move (bit of a mover)
CRYSTAL MANSION - somebody oughta turn your head around (funk rock with a nice breakdown)
BAIANO & OS NOVOS CAETANOS - vo bate pa tu (Brazilian comedy duo with a fun samba groove)
HOT CHOCOLATE - good for the gander (No, not that Hot Chocolate. Fuzzy psych funk as comped on 'Chains and black exhausts')
B.W. SOULS - Marvin's Groove (Ace mid tempo funk instro with some excellent breaks)
HANK MARVIN - boogitoo (vulture classic? Shadows man with a UK-library-funk-sounding tune)
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