Willow Smith

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Will and Jada Smith's daughter. Are kids supposed to have this much swagger? My feelings are mixed.


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    its creepy. the adult mannerisms and whatnot. be a kid. esp getting into a twisted industry such as this one. why start them this early?

    she is cute tho.

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    that shit is blocked for my country.


  • Definitely weird

    I think what makes it different to a lot of child musicians is that she's not doing kid pop, more Rihanna type grown up stuff. And agreed that kids shouldn't have swag, its weird like when madonna or someone's kid was photographed wearing a powersuit when she was about 11 or something.

    On the Juan Epstein Jay Z episode, Jay chats a little about her. Sounds like she's been raised to be a grown up before her time.

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    fejmelba said:
    that shit is blocked for my country.


    Lucky you!

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    Yeah blocked here as well but I have to say that if your older brother is already gently guiding a drunk Jackie Chan through his personal trauma while kicking commie butt you've got to do something to be noticed.

    B/w, kudos to Will for naming his daughter Willow.

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    I was blocked too but i just searched on youtube to find it. I never understand why they block it on copyright grounds for a whole country and then don't link you to the official page that hosts it.
    Anyway the music and video are MEH, and yeah her "adult mannerisms" are kinda creepy coming from someone so young.

  • A lot of talent in that family.

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    CherChezLaPLAN said:
    A lot of money in that family.
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