Jazzy Jeff + Mayor Nutter=?

keithvanhornkeithvanhorn 3,855 Posts
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An improvement on his karaoke'ing of the same song with Questlove. Can we get something new?


  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts
    I'm still waiting to see video of him on the turntables. I'm not mad, it's the only song he knows. I am still mad about stop and frisk.

  • yeah, for real..shits getting stale

  • JectWonJectWon (@_@) 1,654 Posts
    That was creepy.

  • tripledouble said:
    yeah, for real..shits getting stale

    he reminds me of the guy who shows up to the karaoke bar to give a serious performance. someone needs to tell mike that it was cool the first time, but not because he was good at accurately repeating rap lyrics.

  • points if he rocks some ODB
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